Diploma in Ministry (DIM) – Module 5

Course Prerequisite(s)

Diploma in Ministry (DIM) – Module 5

Course Prerequisite(s)


The Fgi DIM programme was created as an additional course to CIM for those who desire to dig a little deeper into God’s Word and be ignited with His fire on a new level, for the full time minister and those who are simply hungry for more of God’s Word. Persons enrolled in this programme who successfully complete all 4 Required Modules, will receive a Diploma in Ministry.

This course can take 6 -12 months to complete, depending on the amount of time spent studying daily, on average 1-3 hours of dedicated study time/day is required to complete this course in under 12 months. This DIM program is measured in academic credit hours. Academic credit hours are transferable from one post-secondary institution to another and are subject to the guidelines and restrictions of the post-secondary institution that receives the credits.

In order to complete the DIM,  an additional 42 credits added to the CIM course for a total of 72 credits towards the degree. These next 42 credits are made up of Modules 5-8, each consisting of 5-6 subjects.

What Will I Learn?

  • 12 credits

Topics for this course

105 Lessons120h

DIM/WL: Worship as a Lifestyle?

This course will give the student a thorough understanding of the foundation, purpose and practice of worship in the believer’s life. Emphasis will be placed on worship as a lifestyle for the believer, discovering how man’s entire existence is tied to living in and depending upon God’s presence.
Worship Syllabus00:00:00
Session 100:40:49
Worship Lifestyle -Quiz 1 – Defining Worship
Session 200:47:06
Worship Lifestyle -Quiz 2 – Worship requires a new heart
Session 300:43:14
Worship Lifestyle – Quiz 3 – Worship is an empowering force
Session 400:45:31
Worship Lifestyle – Quiz 4 – The Genuine Expression of Worship
Session 500:48:52
Worship Lifestyle – Quiz 5 – The Dimension of God
Session 600:49:33
Woship Lifestyle – Quiz 6 – New Songs must be Discovered
Session 700:49:32
Worship Lifestyle – Quiz 7 – Worship Changes Heart
Session 800:41:42
Worship Lifestyle- Quiz 8 – New Songs Require Light
Session 900:50:15
Worship Lifesyle – Quiz 9 -New Songs and Truth
Additional session 10 Study Material00:00:00
Session 1000:48:35
Worship Lifestyle – Quiz 10 – The Spirit of Prophecy
Additional session 11 Study Material00:00:00
Session 1100:41:24
Worship Lifestyle – Quiz 11

DIM/PR: Prayer?

In this course we will study what prayer is and how to get your prayers answered; the purpose, the necessity, the possibilities, the power, the weapons, and the essentials of prayer.

DIM/SW: Soul Winning/Evangelism II?

This is a course on introducing Christ to others in the work place, on foreign fields, and local neighborhoods. Each student will experience the joy of leading others to Christ and then follow up with them to make them disciples.

DIM/NG: Names of God?

The student will discover the nature of God from His Word and His Names and gain a deeper understanding of God’s promises, enabling the student to minister these to others.

DIM/SF: Walking by Faith – Living Life as an Overcomer by Faith?

Through faith, we receive salvation and start a living relationship with God. Faith gives us access to a blessed, prosperous and live a victorious life on earth. Understanding faith will enable the student to minister in a way that will not only impact his/her live, but most importantly, the lives of others as well.

DIM/AB: Authority of a Believer?

Whether busy with affairs of life, or ministering to someone, we all need to know who we are in Christ and what authority He gave us as believers.

About the instructors

Carlé Bezuidenhout

Ron Videler


Ron had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home and by the age of 7 gave his life to Jesus Christ. He was Holy Spirit filled, and water baptized by the age of 8. His parents, Bert and Linda went into full time ministry while he was still a teenager, and it was actually in one of their church services where he knew he would go into full-time ministry one day.

Ron matriculated in 1989.  He studied Electrical Engineering (light current) at the University of Technology Cape Town. After completing his degree he worked in the medical field installing, training & repairing HIV, pregnancy and decease-testing equipment all over South Africa. During this time he also completed 2 years of Bible School, which eventually propelled him to get his Masters of Christian Education in 2013.

In March 1998, Ron got married to Natasha whom he met through Bible school. 2 years later they answered the call of God to join the River Group in East London, South Africa, incorporating River Ministries and Faith Broadcasting Network as pastors. They served as pastors with many different responsibilities, including the developing of an evening Bible school and later the three year full-time degreed Bible School.

Ron’s passion to equip people has led him to become director of education.

Ron and Natasha have three boys, Reuel, Ronan and the youngest Raphael. He is a family man and loves playing squash with his boys.  Reuel has represented South Africa in squash and the other two boys their province at some point.

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